Christmas 2010

Jesus said, “The command that I give you is that you love one another.”

At Christmas, the birthday of our Lord, we express that love by sharing with those whose needs are greater than our own. Pictures here are from the Christmas 'give away' where our that sharing allowed our family grow just a little larger.



Friary Building Renovation -- STATUS:

In February 2010, the Friends of the Friars purchased an 8,000 square foot building near the corner of San Mateo and Central in Albuquerque. The building is being renovated into an operating friary.


demoDetailed architectural plans for the renovation were developed, cost estimates for construction tasks were collected, building permit applications were submitted, and contracts for construction activities requiring certified professionals were negotiated.

Nearly all of this work was donated by the persons and companies involved. The renovation plans will be completed in three phases:

  • Phase 1: demolition of interior walls and floors and installation of underground utilities with rough-ins to new kitchen and bathroom facilities [now COMPLETE !!]
    Phase 2: completion of an operating kitchen, service area, and chapel in the west half of the building [currently in progress]
    Phase 3: develop the residential area for the Friars in the east half of the building, including cells, bath and wash rooms,
    and a private community area.